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Below are some prayers that have been categorized for quick reference.  These prayers are compiled from all three books of AMAN.  For occasions that are not listed below, refer to the books of AMAN.

An Index of Prayers from all the books of AMAN can be found here.

Information about prayers

A prayer is an expression to God Almighty. We pray to express our needs and desires with the expectation they be granted.  Even though God is aware of our needs, we still need to pray and ask for these to be granted.  This is because mankind has free will and therefore the heavens will not interfere unless we ask for their help.

Prayers can be categorized into four groups:

  1. Prayers of protection

  2. Prayers of help

  3. Prayers of comfort

  4. Prayers of thanks and worship


Prayers of protection are for seeking protection from evil. These include protection from evil forces, sources, spirits, vibrations, souls, creatures etc..

Prayers of help are for seeking help in times of difficulties. Examples are help to get a job, to start a business, giving up a bad habit, to raise a family etc..

Prayers of comfort are for seeking physical or mental comfort in times of need. These would include in times of sickness or grief.

Prayers of thanks and worship are to express our gratitude and love for God. We seek God’s blessings, love and help in return.

The good Spirit World always has the intention to grant any prayer prayed.  However, if a prayer is not granted soon, then there is no point to keep on praying the same prayer over and over again.  This is because the decision would have been taken to decline the prayer for some reason (e.g. you did not need or deserve what was prayed for, or it may not have been good for you or your family).    If this happens, one should be grateful and thank God that the prayer was not granted as it was either not in the interest of the person praying, or was not required to be granted.

There are some prayers we may consider good to pray, but are non-grantable by God, such as:

  • Negative prayers

  • Prayers of forgiveness and repentance

  • Prayers for material gains and luxuries

Negative prayers could be those asking for punishment or revenge on others. Such types of prayers should not be prayed, as humans do not have the capacity to make fair judgement. Therefore the heavens should be left to deal directly with wrongdoers.

Prayers of forgiveness and repentance are not considered prayers. This is because every wrong act has consequence which the individual is answerable for, and there is nothing that can be granted by the heavens.

Prayers for material gains and luxuries cannot be granted because such prayers ask for more than what one needs, and there is no valid reason for the heavens to grant such prayers.

Prayers can be protected and/or powered.  Protected prayers are those that God has arranged to reach the good Spirit World only.  Powered prayers are those which God has authorized certain angels to either grant them, decline them or carry to higher angels. All the prayers of New-religion are either protected, powered or both.  Therefore it is important to pray these prayers verbatim, even if a part of it is not applicable.

When composing your own prayer be specific about what you want, include an offering and ask God to grant it if it is going to be beneficial to you and/or your family in the long run.  When praying your own composed prayer, it is advisable to pray a protection prayer first.  This is to ensure that the prayer reaches the good Spirit World.


We need to play our part to the fullest extent possible, and not leave anything to God.  Some examples of this are:

  • Asking God to help one pass an exam when they haven't studied enough.

  • Asking God to cure an ailment without taking available treatments.

This passes the responsibility from the individual to God.

What happens while you pray

God Almighty has instructed souls and angels of the heavens to give their presence to those who call or pray to Him. These souls and angels listen to our prayers and carry them to the angel under whose jurisdiction these prayers fall. These prayers are then either granted, declined or put aside for a time, depending on the situation. Very few prayers are required to reach God, as there are many angels who are empowered to grant most of our prayers.

As souls and angels are attending our praying session, it is important to maintain an appropriate decorum. This includes maintaining focus while praying and not interrupting or ending a praying session abruptly (such as attending a phone call, or talking to someone).

Procedure for praying

Prayers should be said either standing or sitting only.

The ideal procedure of praying, as given from the heavens:

  1. Connect yourself to God Almighty. This can be done by thinking ‘God I love you’, or saying a protection prayer in your mind.  The next steps should be said aloud.

  2. Welcome the angels who will listen to your prayers.
    A simple welcome of angels can be:
    "Welcome all you angels to live in this house.  Love of good angels and love of Almighty God are the only things always we will need so please do be with us, protect us, bless us and guide us."

  3. Recite your prayers.

  4. After praying, thank the angels for coming, listening and carrying your prayers to God Almighty. This is to acknowledge the conclusion of the praying session and to let them leave before you do.

Prayers can be said at any time of day or night (except those specifically designed for a particular time).


To make offerings to God, one should keep in mind that anything material being offered is already His. Therefore, material offerings serve no purpose. Good offerings to show our devotion to God are those that have spiritual value. Examples are: trying harder to live in peace, helping others, spreading God’s messages. Offerings should be made with devotion, as a service to God, and not as a bargaining tool.


Spreading God’s messages can only be done by those who have enough and correct knowledge of God and His kingdom. If one does not possess this knowledge, then one should only think of sharing their experiences of their prayers being granted.

Daily prayers

Daily prayers are those that can be prayed by anyone on any given day.

By anyone, meaning, it is not specific to an individual's needs or wants.

Any given day, meaning, that it can be prayed at any time and is not specific to any situation.

For example, a prayer like: “God I love You, please keep me very close to You and protect me against all evil” is considered a daily prayer as it can be prayed by anyone, at anytime and on any given day.

A prayer that is not considered a daily prayer is one such as “God Almighty please give me a job” as those who have a job would not say such a prayer.

It is good for all to have a set of prayers to pray daily, which consists of some daily prayers only. If unable to pray the entire set on some occasions, e.g. if you are not well, then at least one prayer should be prayed from this set.

Collective prayers

A collective prayer is when two or more people pray the same prayers together.  If the same prayer is prayed individually, the power of the prayer will not be as powerful as when prayed collectively.  This is because every person is surrounded by their own loving souls and angels and spirit guides.  So, when more people participate in a collective prayer, all of their angels get involved and that adds power to the same prayer and can also help get the prayer answered faster.


It is a good practice for families to pray collectively on a regular basis so that the whole family gets blessings from multiple angels.  This creates better harmony in the family.

Praying for others

One should not pray for anything specific for others. This is because one cannot be sure of what the other person wants, and our prayers could create a conflict. Instead, it is better to pray a prayer that supports someone's prayers, so that it adds power to the prayers they are praying. However, prayers of protection and comfort can be prayed for others as these cannot conflict with other person's wishes or prayers. One can also pray for others when they are unable to pray for themselves. Examples are: if your child is below the reasoning age, if someone is very sick and cannot pray, if someone is struggling to get back on God’s path.

Praying for protection of property

Whenever any item (e.g. cars, personal effects, household items etc.) comes into your possession, it is a good practice to ask God to remove all negativity from that item while touching it.  For items like house or land, it is a good practice to define the boundary of that property by walking and touching that boundary and asking God to protect this property of yours.  This is done so that the Spirit World knows what to protect whenever a prayer such as "protect my property" is prayed.

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