Books of Aman

The scriptures of New-religion have been handed down from the heavens through the three books of AMAN (All Mankind And New-religion). The passages in these books have been received in the format of prayers. Any person can read and pray the prayers from any of these books in any particular order.

These three books are verbatim as received from God and His angels, and no changes have been made. Anyone may download them for free. However, it is imperative that no changes are made to any content.  [Note that in New-religion, the term “messengers” refers to priests and the term “prophets” refers to high-priests.]

It is to be understood that although all passages are in the format of prayers, some only contain information, which are to be taken as messages from the heavens.  Some are prayers that we can actually pray to meet our needs and lastly, some are a combination of both (i.e. they are prayers to be said, but also contain messages from the heavens).

The set of AMAN books is designed to prevail from the start of the new millennium till the time the world becomes as God had originally planned: That is, very peaceful and harmonious. As you will read the books you will find that there are some passages that are no longer relevant, some that are relevant for the present times and others that will be relevant in the future.

  1.  AMAN Of All The Religions

       This book contains prayers and information intended for general purposes.

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  2.  Good Rules For The Good Messengers Of God

       This book contains prayers that are used by messengers, however many of these prayers can be prayed by anyone.

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  3.  The Good Book For All The Prophets To Have

       This book contains advanced prayers that elaborate further on spiritual concepts, however many of these prayers can           be prayed by anyone.

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