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Prayers related to Sickness

Prayer for those who are in need of more wealth due to some unique position or some important reasons such as some sickness in the family or some urgent repairs to the house –

God please grant me some wealth somehow I am in a very bad situation and I need it so desperately to find some way of getting it because of the reason which is a very genuine one like for getting the better of our will or of our very important needs of the betterment and do not grant me anything more than what I need to pay these.

Prayer for a good soul when the good soul is sick –

God please give this soul enough strength to pull through this sickness and God I am praying this prayer because of the suffering of this soul and God the reason of my making this request to You is only because I love this soul and God still if You feel that there is a good reason for this soul to suffer then God I would still ask for good peace of mind for this soul so that this soul does not feel that there is nothing being done and God please let this soul know at a later date that we all prayed a good prayer for this soul and so be it my God.

Prayer for all to say when they feel that they are not well themselves and this is not for anyone else but themselves –

God please give me a good way of life and God I have this sickness and God I cannot do anything else in this state that I am now in and God I don’t like to be in this state because God I feel helpless and I have to take a good support of others and God it is possible that I may not get it for long so God please give me once again a good way of living so that I am once again able to do a lot and God I will also pray on a very regular basis and God I will give this prayer to all those who think needs it and God I will let this good prayer spread to all good people of the earth so that they remain free from most of the good sickness and then they are able to do a lot and then they are also able to spread a good prayer themselves so be it my God.


Prayer to say when one is sick and this is to be said by some person for one’s own self and not for others but this is for some very serious illness and not the small ones –

God please give me strength to go through this illness and God I am not sure whether I will pull through this illness and be with my family once again and God if I am granted more life with my family I will be very grateful for the reason that I love my family very much and God I also would like to be here on the good earth because I like being here and God still if You think that now there is a good reason for me to leave this earth then God please give my family good angel’s help so that they know that I will not be far from them and God if they know this for sure then God their pain will be less so God please bless them with a good way of knowing this my God.  


Prayer for those who are in want of medical help and have no money to get it –

God please help me to get some money so that I can take the proper treatment that I need and for that reason only – I do not want anything more than to get cured from this illness as fast as I can – God please appreciate my needs and only if You think that I deserve to be cured soon grant me some means to do so and my God I will be forever grateful to be relieved from this pain at the earliest and God please let this be a lesson to me so that I don’t sin too much and I will also do my best to see that all of my family members be good and keep away from all the evil and bad habits and I will also take care and see that no other good souls fall a prey of the potential of getting into the bad habits of this world.


Prayer for those who need to go to hospital and are afraid of the going on of the hospital –

God I am going to enter a hospital premises soon and I am doing that to cure myself of an illness and I am very afraid that I will be now in pain and God I don’t want to go in the hospital and get cured in way that is not necessary and God if there is no other way then please give me an angel who will give me thoughts that will encourage me to be brave and fight all my bad feelings.


Prayer for those who are in need of going to see a doctor and they are not in a good state of mind and are afraid of what could be prescribed to them like injections or reactions of some medicines –

God please give me a good doctor to go to – I am very afraid that most of them are very busy and possibly they could make a mistake and give me something that cures all but that could not cure me or even put me in a situation that could make me worse and so my God see that the doctor that I go to can understand and take proper care to give me the right kind of medicine and God I am also very afraid of needles so God put a thought in doctor’s mind to give me something that is in some other form of medicine and not in a form of getting it into my system by the use of needles and God, is there any way that I can understand about how all the medicine work – and God please if there is no other way, then please give me a lot of courage to take proper medication in the way it is given to the best of my needs and in a way that I can recover very fast and in a way that will cause me least discomfort.


Prayer to say when you are not well or when some of your family members are not well but this is not to be said for any other person not even your closest friend – 

God please give this person a good new life and God I am asking You of this because this is a good family member and is always very good and helps all of us a lot so God I cannot bear to see this person suffering a lot and God if at all You feel that there is no other way and if You feel that for some reason this good soul has to suffer then God please give this soul enough strength to go through all that is required so that this soul can get all the good blessings that it deserves and so that this soul may get a good rise in the levels or get a good rise in the good step of the level that this soul is in.


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