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Prayers for Protection

Prayer for protection if there are any disturbances –

My God please protect me and my family against all the evil forces all the time and particularly when I am thinking of my angels and You my God and other good souls in the heavens above and all those who are trying to bless me and my family.


Prayer for general protection – (This is really good to say once in a while or daily)  

God please protect me from all the evil forces, all the evil souls and all the evil spirits that are lingering around me.  


Prayer for all to say when they want a good protection from bad people on a particular situation –

God please grant us an angel to protect us from all the evil people as we are going out for a good time with good people and we are going out in a good way and it could be enough to attract the attention of bad people and God it is also possible that we may need to pass through lonely places and we may pass through at odd times and we may get all the chances to run into bad people who may not spare to attack us and God we will try our best to avoid all that we know of the evil ways of operating but God we don’t know much about these and God we also do not want to know anything more than what we already know so please keep us protected till we safely return without any events and God we will be very grateful to You for this.


Prayer of the God’s own angels who are here protecting almost all of the people on earth and almost all the good souls and the bad souls are in their debt because they are often to be seen at work all the time protecting against powers of the world – means that all the forces of the nature – and they protect the bad souls too because the day of judgment was not the correct one and they need to be there on earth until their proper time arrives –

God Almighty please good souls are protected by Your angels of war torn protection for all the people of this world – God please good people protection is a must for me because it is going to be needed the most to be the good power, for all of us need protection till You must call us or till You call us for judgment and my God I will want to come to You only when my time is correctly done on earth and give me protection so that any early recall of my soul may cause me to take a rebirth that I may not want in the future.  


Prayer for those who are in need of guidance of God and His ways and this is to be said only at the NIGHT time – remember to take care and not pray this prayer during the day –

God please grant and please God lend me a good angel as I am a good soul and I want to do a lot to help others and I can’t do this if I am open to the evil forces attacking me and so God I ask You for protection against the evil forces and against all the evil of the evil world and this will help me a lot to do better and to give good vibrations and also to be able to get closer to You.  


Prayer for those who are in need of a good prayer and want to say many times in the day –

God please grant me protection against all the forces of nature and protection against all the evil forces of the evil world. 


Prayer of the good souls of the good family wanting to keep their children away from any bad friends or from any bad company –

God please give me a good place to pray, I want the prayers to reach You because the ones that I am about to say are important and I want these prayers to definitely reach You so God please listen to what I am about to say – God I am worried of the company in which my children are moving so God please do something and let my children be good and then if they are in bad company God please give them protection so that the evil ways of the bad company do not get into them and form a part of their ways of life – God please help my children and please let them be different from what their friends are.  


Prayer to be used for those who are in need of a good angel’s help at the time they are being attacked by an evil person and this needs to be said very fast so it will be a very small prayer –

God please send a good angel of Yours to protect me from the attack of this horrible person and I will be very grateful for the help and I will pray to You on a very regular basis from now on. 


Prayer for those who want to give up bad habits –

God please give me strength to give up my bad habit of ______ and please give me strength to give this up in such a way that I am not tempted to fall for it again and also protect me against the forces that may try to tempt me to get into this again.


Prayer for people who plan for the following of God’s rules –

Dear God please protect me from the influence of people who are about to give me plans to stay away from my duties – please try to help me from these people and show me the proper way to pray my God. 


Prayer to put good vibrations to protect you from friends who wish to harm you –

Please God protect us from all – put good vibrations where all of us good people stay – keep all bad thoughts and bad people far from us. 


Prayer if you need protection –

God please protect me from all persons and also from all souls and please keep me safe from those who wish to harm my body, as I need Your help – I will always be good. 


Prayer for people who need protection from bad people –

Please God protect me by this prayer from people who wish to put me on the wrong road – please put me in a safe place where they will not be able to harm me. 


Prayer for full protection –

Dear God You must protect me from bad people who live on this world, please put them in the place where they are producing the power to make them into good people so that they and others do not harm the people who are practising Your religion. 


Prayer for good protection –

Please God protect me from all people who wish to put me on the evil path – I want to protect people who protect our New-religion please place us away from places which will harm us.  


Prayer to be good –

Please God I wish to be a very good person – I will always try to obey all Your laws – please protect and show me the way to become a good person always. 


Prayer which teaches you patience to follow the good path –

Please give me patience to forgive, please give me patience to pray to You so that I always pray to You God and please protect and guide me till I fulfil my duties – give me the strength to stay on Your guided path. 


Prayer for those who are asking for lovely things all the time and are not happy with those that they already have –

God please give me a good prayer so that I can pray to the good angels and get some good lovely thoughts from them so that I am thoughtful of what I ask and that I am greedy and that I am always in need of something or other and this is not good at all and God I will also need a good angel’s protection because of the things that I am craving for are not all good and it could so happen that I could fall on the path that will not lead to You and I don’t want that at all so God I will depend on Your good angels not only to guide me but also to protect me from all evil ways and to be on a correct path that leads to You and Your angels, to be with them in heavens after I serve my time here on earth. 


Prayer for people who want to protect their families –

Please God protect my family from harm – please give them proper protection from people who wish to do them harm – our family is very good – please place them in a safe place far from people who wish to harm them.  


Prayer for the place to plan your future –

Please God please let us live together with peace for we wish You to give us the perfect place where we will be able to protect our families – please let us live in peace – we will obey Your laws. 


Prayer of good people to go and pray so that now God can protect them –

God please protect me from all the evil forces that go and spoil my progress to the pathways of reaching God’s kingdom.  


Prayer of protection so that no evil can spoil your progress at any time –

God please protect me at all good times and also at all good praying times so that no good can become a prospect to any kind of evil vibrations so please help me my God. 

Prayer –

Please my dear good God Almighty please give me some new way of praying so God now I can get faster messages from the heavens so God now more good people can be protected in some good manner we all would like so please God we will then feel more safe and God this will make all of us now live in peace and God if all of us feel safe then God more good thoughts can remain in our minds so God any thought that is harmful to anyone is immediately destroyed so God please give many of us this new good way.


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