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Prayers relating to Travel (or when far from home)

Prayer for those who are good souls going to be in the places far from homeland and for those who get the feeling that they made a mistake to travel far away from their homeland –

God please give me courage to face all the new people and please give me enough courage to go away and to be where You send me – I know that being far away from people with whom I have lived for long is proving to be very hard but we are here because of Your wish and God Almighty please give me strength that I can face all the situations now that I know that You have sent me here and that I will now be able to cope with them and all the hardships will go away once I realise that it is You who sent me here for some reason which I am going to realise later – please grant me a wish that angels comfort me when I feel sad and when I think of my homeland – I will do my best to love all that I left and all the new friends that I will make here in this new land and I will have good souls to help all of us in the times of need and that we will all be prepared to face a bit of hardship and we will later realise that there was a set plan which was good for all of us – God please give me courage to go through these present difficult times.  


Prayer for all to say when they want a good protection from bad people on a particular situation –

God please grant us an angel to protect us from all the evil people as we are going out for a good time with good people and we are going out in a good way and it could be enough to attract the attention of bad people and God it is also possible that we may need to pass through lonely places and we may pass through at odd times and we may get all the chances to run into bad people who may not spare to attack us and God we will try our best to avoid all that we know of the evil ways of operating but God we don’t know much about these and God we also do not want to know anything more than what we already know so please keep us protected till we safely return without any events and God we will be very grateful to You for this.


Prayer for those who are in need of many good places to go to and to see a lot of the world in which God has put them and also for those who want to see the world that they can get a lot of knowledge –

God please give me a good place where I can get an advice about the places that I want to travel around the world and God please also let me have the knowledge of the places before I visit them so that I can go there and feel very close to the things that I am going to see and God also please let me place a lot of faith in Your work so that I can go to many places and get to know a lot about the world that I am living in.


Prayer for all to say when they go on a good journey and when they are nervous because they had not traveled this far in the past or because they are new to traveling or because they are afraid of different sort of people that they may meet –

God we have never traveled alone this way in the past and God we are making this journey to see all the different things that are there in Your world and God we may come across some people who may have different ways of behaving and God we are traveling to meet different people too and we will not mean any disrespect to any of the people whom we may meet and we will think of all others as very good souls so God please protect us from all the evil ones and please grant good thoughts to the good ones that we are just like them and no different and the only reason that we are behaving differently is because different people behave differently in the different parts of the world and God please give all of us a good angel’s guidance so that we leave all whom we meet with a very good impression and let all of us love all that we come across on this journey so please help us God.


Prayer for those who are on the road for the very long hours of the day and for those who want that they go as a safe one – this is for those who are on the road all the time like truck driver –

God please give me a good day on the roads that are forever getting unsafe by each passing day and for that You are the only one who can make the roads safe enough for all of us to travel and so my God please make the roads safe enough for me.


Prayer for those who are in need of a good person to be with them for a good while of time and this could be for several reasons like for traveling far or simply for one to go out with them and all of these are to be for a good person’s company of a good way only –

God please give a good person to be with me and God I want the company of this person only for the reason of having a good time and so that both of us can have a good time and God a good person’s company will be a good thing for me and for that person because our trust of one another will be enough to correct each other if we do anything of any ways that are not good. 


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