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Prayers relating to Companionship

Prayer for those who are in need of some good soul to give company to discuss and know more about the New-religion –

God please give me a companion or a friend who will discuss a lot with me about the Newreligion and one who has thoughts similar to mine and who would be very knowledgeable and kind so we both can benefit from the good and new ways of the New-religion

Prayer for those that are in need of good friendship for getting more knowledge rather than companionship –

God please send me some good souls to be with as I am not able to stimulate my mind with the present ones – all my friends are good to me and are very helpful and are very good souls but they don’t stimulate my mind – I need companionship of an intelligent being and I am also in need of some meaningful discussions so please send a good soul to me for this kind of companionship for which I will be very grateful to You my God.


Prayer of love for a good person –

God please give me a good person of this earth of a very good family a good companion for life and God I will give this person that You send all the love that I can offer and no one else will then be more important than ______ (person’s name) and God I promise to love this person and God I will also do my best to do everything to make this person happy and I will not do anything to cause pain and suffering to this person and God if I do that it could only be due to evil of the evil world overpowering me or by some other evil soul to try and trap me but it will never be a deliberate action on my part.


Prayer for all to say when they are in a very depressed mood due to things not going as they would like them to –

God please give me a good company or a good companion who will be with me and listen to what I have to say when I am feeling so very bad and God I am not feeling bad because I have done something wrong or because I have done something that is not of Your ways or the ways of the world but God I am feeling that nothing is happening as I would like it to happen and I have also looked into the possibility that the things could not be happening because I do not deserve it or God because I do not need it but I do not get an answer and I feel that what I want is very reasonable and also what I am asking for is needed to keep myself going so please help me God.



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