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Prayers relating to Business

Prayer for those who are in need of good company when they are lonely as when a person goes away on a business trip or something like that when one is away from one’s loved ones –

God please give me the love of ______ (person’s name) and God now that I am so far away and that I am so deeply in love with this good soul, God please send Your angel of love of this good soul and please give my love in return to the one I love so very much and God this will be a very dear gift for me and I will do my best to give all the love to people who are in need of love and acknowledge that love is the greatest gift of Yours and You will only love those who love their loved ones and I need nothing more than to be loved by You my God.

Prayer for those who are in need of help to get a business started –

God could You please give me a thought to start a business if business is there in my way of life and will You please give me support to get one started in a good place and in a location that will make my business prosperous and God will You please grant a good soul to look after my business and warn me if something can go wrong on a year of bad year for a loss.

Prayer –

Please God Almighty I am so afraid because God I am now going to start something that is new as far as my worldly ways are concerned so God please bless me so that all my work can be easily done and please God I am afraid also for the reason that if this new work causes me any worry or God if I am not able to cope with something of what I feel is not easy then please God help me so that I can also do all Your work in some manner that You will like so God I can be very satisfied so God please help me to do all that has to be done so now we all can be able to do what is entrusted to me so be it my good God Almighty.

Prayer for those who are in need of some help to get the business started on a very large scale and for those who are in need of a lot of resources of manpower and finance –

God please grant a good angel to me so that I can start a good business in a very large scale and I want to do that only to help a lot of people and I want to help and employ a lot of people who are good souls and who want good ways of leading their lives and God I want to do this for the point of getting good people only and so God please give me help to find these and God please grant a good angel to watch over me that I don’t get led astray and employ bad people who will be nothing but trouble to me in the long run and God Almighty please let me have sufficient funds so that my business does not run into any sort of difficulties and this is not only for my sake but also for the sake of all the good people who will be in my employment and I won’t do anything that is going to keep a good soul from starting his own business and I will even help him do good in his own business so that this can also help my business in return. 

Prayer for those who are in need of a good angel to look after their families when they are away at work or away from the family for any reason like having to go on a business trip or a holiday trip –

God please give my family a good angel’s protection so that they are safe from all the evil forces and are also safe from evil people of this world and God my children are able to take care of themselves and are smart in their own ways but the evil people know very well the softer parts of all the good souls and so they can easily induce them to do something that they would never ever do under my supervision and so God please keep all my children well protected from all the evil forces of this world. 


Prayer for those who cannot decide on their own about things like making an investment –

God please grant me a good soul to guide me to make some humble investments that I need to make for my future gains most effectively and with the least bit of risk so that I do not loose what I have made up over a period of time and I want protection for these investments because I will not be in a position to earn this money again in a very near future so my God please guide me to this good soul.

Prayer for all to say when they want a good help to go and get some things that are not available to complete the good project that one is working on at present and because one has to depend on someone to give them those parts –

God my good work is now held up and God I may be put to a loss because I cannot complete this good work that I promised and God I cannot complete my work because I need something that is required to finish my work and God I have done all my part of the work and I cannot do anything more till I get the remaining parts of this work and God these parts are different from what I have and I cannot do anything to make them so my God please help me to get these parts from somewhere else or God please give the person to give me the parts that I want and God if this person cannot give me the parts that I want then God I am prepared to spend some more money to get these parts from someone else and God if that happens then God please help me to find another good person who can give me these parts regularly so that my work is not held up and God please make me get a good person who is very kind enough to give me these parts at a good rate of business and at a good level of good work so that I get them not only regularly but get them at a good way of being able to make a reasonable profit and God I want that this person also stands to make a reasonable profit too.

Prayer for anyone who is afraid to do good business in a good way because others are doing the same business in a very bad way –

God please give me a good way to run a good business and God I want to do my own business for the reason of being proud of what I can do and God I will make it very certain that only good people are benefited from my business and God I will not deal with anyone who I can feel that creates any bad vibrations and God I will also only employ people who are really good and God I will only employ those who are in need of my employment and God even if they are not in a good level of working I will take pains to bring them to a good level of working and God I will take a good promise from them to be good and God I will make them also promise that they will do their best to make all of us in business very happy in all the possible ways and God please give me all the good ways so that we all do very well and so God please give us all a good blessing to be good in all respects of good business and God there are many who are in the same business and they may plan to destroy my business or do something that will not be a good way of business so God please protect me against all such bad ways that I may come across so I keep on progressing in my business and God if anyone does anything that the ways are so bad that they may even go against some of Your ways then my God please give us a good angel’s protection that no one from my business does something that is also not of Your ways and God please give us all a good protection against anyone who would want to harm any of us in our good business and God please help us all because we would not like to do anything that is in a bad ways of business and God most of all we would not at all like to do anything that would be against Your ways or in any manner that You my God would not like or any good soul of the earth would not like and God let all my business dealings be very, very clear so that no one can doubt in my dealings and so God all those who deal with all of us also get a good benefit and like to do more and more business with us so be it my God.  

Prayer for all those in need of a good company to get a certain project completed –

God please send me a good company so that I can do a lot and as I am currently on a big project that it cannot be completed on my own so I need a good company who will not only guide me on this project but will also do some work and for which I will be so grateful because this project is very important for me to complete.

Prayer for those who want good help for a project and for those who want help only to get some parts to be finished as quickly as possible –

God please give me a good person who is very good and who can be trusted to go to a place where I want a certain part of my project of the good project to be completed and I want that this person can work on one’s own education and one’s own knowledge and one’s own particular resources because I lack those and please prove to me that this can be done and that particular project will finally succeed and God I will promise to give more good people proper opportunity and I will see that many good souls succeed in their lives and I will help them to get a better life than the one they have at present.


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