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Prayers to start or end the day

Prayer –

My dear good God Almighty I am now awake and after having rested I now feel good so please my dear God give me some good thoughts that I can now work on with a good fresh mind and please keep on letting me get good thoughts so that I can do more good things because God that is the only way I want to behave.

Prayer to say when we retire for the day and this prayer can be said at any time –

God Almighty after working for so many hours I am now retiring to rest my body and God I have been good and God if I got a chance I also helped someone to be good so God please bless me and God please give me a good message as I now meditate in the restful period of time so God I can receive more good energy and more good thoughts so God when I now wake up I will have more better thoughts to help more good people of the earth and God please keep me protected even in my sleep so that I get no thoughts that come from the evil world.  

Prayer for the good souls to say in the mornings and at nights as a good thanks giving one and to be said by anyone and to be given to all those who want to thank God for all that He has given –

God please give me another day that is as good as the one before and please make days go by in love and caring so that each passing day gets to be more easier and God I know that all days cannot be good ones and all days cannot be bad so God please give me days that are lot easier for me to handle and God let me get all the good angel’s love to make all the days pass with love and good thoughts.


Prayer for all to say before they go to bed for their main sleep meaning mostly at night but for those who have worked in the night – before they sleep –

God please give me a good way of sleeping so God I wake up to a good way of Yours whenever I wake up and God we are aware of being able to get a good sleep but we need awareness to what happens when we rest and God we are told that all require their bodies to be rested but God we have seen that all do not require the same amount of sleep and God those who make their bodies work more require to rest their bodies more but still my God we do not know what happens when we sleep and God if we are at all in a good way of sleeping to be able to meditate without knowing then God please let Your good angels talk to us so that when we wake we receive their messages and then God our next day can get to be much better because we will get good messages and so we will not be tempted to do things that could possibly give out bad vibrations so my God we will be partly be meditating when we sleep always and God we also understand that this would be an easy way of meditating to get the good messages from Your angels and so God we will consider this as a good gift from You and Your angels and God we can get good gifts only if we have been good so God please help us all to be good and God please help us all to get closer to You so be it my God.


Prayer for those who are in need of guidance of God and His ways and this is to be said only at the NIGHT time – remember to take care and not pray this prayer during the day –

God please grant and please God lend me a good angel as I am a good soul and I want to do a lot to help others and I can’t do this if I am open to the evil forces attacking me and so God I ask You for protection against the evil forces and against all the evil of the evil world and this will help me a lot to do better and to give good vibrations and also to be able to get closer to You.


Prayer for all people on earth only to pray after dark –

Please help me good God Almighty to pray good prayers now that the sun is away so that no evil sources go and get inside me.

Prayer –

My dear God Almighty please give me a good way of thanking Your angels whenever I receive a good help from them and God I do make it a point to always thank them but God what I am asking for is a way to be thankful to them and for a way to thank them because my dear God I am being helped so much at every step of my way that I sometimes do not even realise that a good thing happened only because I was helped and God sometimes even the very small help is not noticed by me even though I am certain after a good thought that something happened only because I was helped so please my God please save me from being disrespectful by not being able to thank any good angels who helped even though my God they only help me because of Your order or of Your wish and God please take this as my prayer of thanks to You and all the good angels and the angels who helped me today and who have always have been helping me so please my dear God I am always grateful for being able to serve You so please accept this good prayer that I am saying.


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