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Prayers of Thanks

Prayer for thanking God for all the help and guidance that the good messenger is now able to get from the good Spirit World –

God Almighty please accept my thanks and my gratitude for all the good support that I am getting from You and Your good angels and God I am also very thankful for all in the Spirit World who are with me and helping me at each and everything that I do and God please give my love to all those who You have asked to help me because God I would have no way of knowing them so my God please once again please accept my love and my thanks and God now please God let me have Your good love and blessing and also of Your good angels’.

Prayer of thanks giving after a prayer has been granted by God –

God this favour of Yours will never be forgotten by me and my family – it is now that I can see Your light and it is now that I have total faith in You and Your angels and I will now take more care than ever and now I will do the welcome of angels more often than I did before – God please make this world a better place to live so that all good souls can be in peace.


Prayer of thanks for getting something that you ask for and was granted by God Almighty or His angels –

God please accept my thanks for the rewards I got for my prayers – I am ever so grateful for following Your laws and getting rewarded for that and it is not for the rewards that I follow Your way but I do that because I know that it is the only way to get close to You and Your angels.


Prayer of love for all those who are in love with God and they want to thank Him not only by saying prayers but also by doing something for the good souls of the earth –

God please give me a thought to make all the good souls that I come across happy – I may not be able to make all happy and I know that no matter what I do I will not be able to please all and I will not be able to make all very happy and God it is my wish to make good souls very happy so God please lead me to those souls that are very good and those that are most deserving so that all the good work that I may do go to those who deserve the most.


Prayer for good person to say on some good occasions of and not of celebrations or festivals – but on good occasions of some happenings like purchasing something of good value like an expensive car or a house or a boat –

God I am so thankful to You for giving me a good life and it is because of this that I can buy myself good things of the world and to make my life more enjoyable one and God I thank You for all the gifts that You have given me so far and thanks go most of all for the good gift that I got today and for this God I will also see that I am good and that I give more positive good thoughts to others so that they too can get rewarded. 


Prayer –

God please give all of us a good way of getting what we want and God please give this to all of us in the family not only to get some peace but also to be at all the ways of sharing everything and God we are very happy to receive all the good things of what the heaven has to offer and God we are seldom very thankful for that and God this is not because we lack gratitude but God this is because we have learnt to take everything for granted and so God please give us a good way of understanding all that we already know that we cannot have anything if You do not wish us to have and so God let us all who are so very ignorant now know that sharing is the best way to get the benefit of everything and God also give us all a good sense to share everything freely and the real test of sharing can only be understood when we are also able to share all the pains of our loved ones and also share equally in the things that require very hard work or else God we are not at all worthy in any way to accept anything that is offered by Your angels or by anyone my God.


Prayer for all to say when we are in a good way of life and do not need lot more than what we have –

God please accept my thanks for everything that I have and God I know for sure that the things I have are with Your help only and God I do not want anything that I don’t deserve or that I don’t need and God I would not like to have more only for the reason that more things other than what I need will be of less use to me and I will not make any use of it and God any waste is against Your ways so please help me God to be fully satisfied with what I have and God please grant me everything I need in the future and please guide me to be on the right path of Yours so that I can get closer to You very fast.


Prayer to thank God –

Please my God please take these quiet thanks from Your patient follower – please let me give You my love so that I can obey Your laws everyday.


Prayer for a good soul to say when one is in a good way of enjoying all that has been given and to be very thankful for that –

God please give me a good way of thanking You because it will never be enough because I am so grateful to You my God for all that I have and God many may think that I do not have a lot but God they do not know that what I have is enough for me and God more important is the fact that many do not know that I am blessed with the love of Your angels and God I need that the most of all so God I want all the forces that have given me that that I have so help me God.


Prayer for the good people to say when they are in a very good way of living and when they have a sudden thought that they are not praying enough –

God please forgive me for I was lost in all the pleasures of the world and God I was aware of all that was going on and I was aware that all that I am getting was only because You wanted me to have and God I know this for sure because I got many gifts from You my God without my asking and God I also needed this a lot and God even though I needed it I did not ask You for it because these were items of luxury and I could not ask You to grant these and now that I am granted I know that I did deserve them and yet God I did nothing to thank You for these gifts and God I do not mean any disrespect and I want to admit to You and to myself that all the time I was in a good way of enjoying Your gifts and the pleasure was so very great that my mind was taken off everything and so my God I do realise this now and God I ask You to please accept my thanks and God I will promise You that this mistake will not be repeated and God another reason for this happening was that I do not pray on very regular basis so God from now on I will pray to You on a very regular basis and God I will try my best to pray in a way to be able to pray daily.


Prayer of thanksgiving –

God we thank You for all the things that I have and for all the things that people have received through Your help and my God please give all the people a good sense of appreciation that all are grateful and all of our good souls can get better life of good and equality and all can share good people’s powers to help all good souls to get their share of good goodness of the heaven’s share and also to get good blessings from all the good angels.


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