Messengers / Prophets

In New-religion, the term 'messengers' refers to priests and the term 'prophets' refers to high-priests.

Messengers and prophets are those willing to be involved in doing God’s work and have a comprehensive knowledge of New-religion. They communicate with the good Spirit World to get help for those seeking help or spiritual guidance from the heavens. Prophets have a deeper understanding of New-religion and are in a position to guide messengers as required and anyone who seeks their help.


Messengers and prophets are appointed by the good Spirit World.  However, if someone wishes to be appointed a messenger, they can make a request directly to God or His angels, or ask a prophet to approach God on their behalf.

Some of the expectations of messengers and prophets:

  • They follow all messages and instructions given from the good Spirit World

  • They be good and always remain good

  • They help others to be good and remain good

  • They do not keep on asking what heavens do not want to answer

  • They have a set of daily prayers

  • They pray at least one prayer everyday from their set of daily prayers

  • They do not pray for any material gains

  • They do not accept any gifts or offerings from anyone in exchange for any spiritual help given

  • They do not practice their roles as a profession and do not collect donations, gifts or salaries

Those wanting to contact a messenger or prophet, please click here.