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New-religion has been given to mankind  as a fresh way to understand and follow God’s laws. It is a religion by which all mankind can be united, not divided.


Some of New-religion’s significant aspects are mentioned below:                                                                                                   

  1. Founder of New-religion: The founder of New-religion is God Almighty. Some passages in the three books of AMAN are worded by God Almighty Himself. Since no human founded New-religion, the only one named to worship or to seek help from is God Almighty.                                                                                                                                                                      

  2. Name of the religion and its followers: The name of the new religion is 'New-religion'. This name has been given from the heavens. A follower of New-religion is called a “good person”. A good person is one who strives to live in peace and harmony with all of God’s creations. Anyone who does this knowingly or unknowingly is automatically the follower of New-religion.                                                                                                                                                                                         

  3. Joining New-religion: There is no ritual required to convert to or join New-religion. All you need is to work towards giving up bad habits and lead a good and righteous life, by your own choice. This will automatically qualify you as a follower of New-religion. Since there are no ceremonies to join New-religion, no priests are required for induction into New-religion.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  4. Places of worship: There are no formal places of worship like churches or temples as they are not needed in New-religion. Prayers can be heard by those in the heavens no matter where you pray from. Wherever anyone prays from or discusses spiritual knowledge becomes a place of worship for that period of time.                                                                             

  5. Offerings: To make offerings to God, one should keep in mind that anything material being offered is already His. Therefore, material offerings serve no purpose. Offerings to show our devotion to God should be those with spiritual value. Examples are: trying harder to live in peace, helping others, spreading God’s messages. Offerings should be made with devotion, as a service to God, and not as a bargaining tool.                                                                                               

  6. Donations/Fees: There are no donations to be made or fees to be collected to support or spread New-religion. Nothing should be done to make it even appear that any monetary gain was made to support or spread New-religion. This also includes donations to support priests or any spiritual help or guidance obtained and given from heavens.                        

  7. Messengers and Prophets: In the New-religion priests are called messengers; and high-priests, prophets. Priesthood is not a profession and there will be no donations or salaries to support them.  Any person who has studied New-religion is eligible to become a messenger or a prophet. There is no spiritual requirement or significance for messengers and prophets to be identified by their attire, e.g. robes, headgear, accessories. There is no specified dress code and they will wear their regular clothing and carry on their regular duties of maintaining their home and work life while performing their priestly duties like: teaching and explaining the New-religion, helping and guiding people, having discussions and meetings.                                                                                                                                                               

  8. Translations: As per order of God Almighty, none of the books of New-religion are to be translated or edited. Nothing may be added or removed from them, as the books must remain verbatim. New-religion can be explained to those who do not know the language in which it appears.

New-religion is given in the simplest manner and is focused only on what is expected from mankind.  There are no do's and don'ts to follow because each person is left to follow the teachings of New-religion by using their own free will. Nothing should be enforced upon anyone, and no one should be pressured to follow anything they do not want to follow.

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