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Prayers to give Blessings

Prayer for the good messengers to say when they are celebrating some occasions of joy like someone’s wedding anniversary or someone’s birthday and they may say this even if they are not with those celebrating and are far from them –

God please bless ______ on the good occasion of ______ and God I want You to bless this good soul for the reason that I know this soul and this soul is very good and on Your ways and also because this soul helps all a lot and God please also give peace to the family so that this soul grows fast and so that this soul can get closer to You faster so be it my God.


Prayer for the good messengers to say when someone wants a good blessing of God’s good angels and God Almighty Himself – God Almighty and all the good angels of the heavens please give a good blessing to ______ and God we want that we give this soul a good blessing because this soul has now put all the faith in Your ways and God also because this soul wants to be on the good path that will take this soul closer to You faster so please God give us all a good blessing which will make this soul to know more about all Your doings and more that this soul now can also do everything that You want a good soul to do so be it my God.


Prayer for all the good messengers to say when they want to bless some good people of the earth and they want to give these good blessings because the good people are pleased with the visit of this good messenger and they want the good blessing so that they can get some good vibrations so in turn they get a good return of God’s love through this blessing –

God please give Your love and Your good angels’ to bless good people and God please bless them and give them all the good protection that they need and God if these good people are able to get some more good protection of Yours then God more good can be done and God these people are very good and kind people so my God please bless them.


Prayer that the good messenger will need to say when they want to bless someone with good God’s blessing on some good occasions like weddings or birthdays and this is not to be taken as a part of any ceremony but this prayer is to be said so that God can give His love to those the good messenger is praying for and for nothing else –

God Almighty please give a good blessing to all who have now gathered here on the good occasion of ______ and God please give us a good blessing to make us all love and live in good peace and God please all those who are gathered here give our good blessing to ______ too.


Prayer for the good messengers to say when they want to give someone a good blessing only because someone asked for this blessing and not because the good messenger was really intending to give this –

God please bless this soul with Your love and God please help this soul in all the good manner of Your ways so that this soul is always on Your right path so be it my God. Prayer for the good messengers to say on the good occasions of their family members – be it good birthday or a good day of any celebration of any kind – God please bless my family and God we are all so very happy because God we love each other a lot and God please keep my family together all the time because there is no gift more precious than the good gift of love so God please give all of us Your love too.


Prayer for the good messengers to say on the days of victory of some family members when they played a game or when they achieved some good results in something good –

God I thank You on this happy occasion of victory of ______ and for achieving this good result on a good day and I am so very happy and proud and God I also ask You to bless ______ and all of the team that participated and God please give ______ enough understanding that though ______ worked hard it was also Your wish or that of Your good angels’ that some benefit be showered upon ______ and so God please keep ______ to be in a good way of doing more good things so that with each success and with each victory ______ becomes more aware of the good abilities that ______ has and so please God lead ______ to more good ways my God.


Prayer for all the prophets to say when they want to bless someone because someone helped some good soul in some worldly ways which completely now can change the life of this soul for the rest of the time of this soul’s term on the earth for the better –

My dear good God Almighty please give this good soul a good place now and my dear God this soul has been a very good soul who helped his fellow good person to achieve a good status amongst all the others and God even though this soul was deserving enough this soul would not have been in any position to achieve anything on own efforts and now that this good soul has so helped this soul and God this soul only helped for the sake of helping so please my dear good God Almighty please bless this soul and please my dear God Almighty please also give this soul Your love


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