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While reading the books of AMAN, it may become difficult to understand or interpret some of the words or phrases. This is because some words carry different meanings in different contexts. If this happens, refer to the dictionary and see if another meaning can be applied.

For example, if a phrase reads as, "Helping others is the only way of pleasing God", then it does not mean that to please God, this is the only way. The word “only” also means “mere” or “unique”. Therefore substituting the word “only” with the word “unique”, the same phrase can now be understood as, "Helping others is the unique way of pleasing God".

Another example can be seen with the phrase "good, good angels". The word “good” has several meanings such as “virtuous”, “righteous”, “excellent” and “honourable”. In this example, to get a better understanding of the phrase "good, good angels" the word “good” should be interpreted as "virtuous good angels” or “righteous good angels".  However, prayers should still be prayed verbatim as written in the books.

Listed below are some key words which can carry different meanings in some contexts in the books of AMAN.


  • Advanced Prayers: prayers which give out the highest vibrations.  For example, prayers of worshipping God

  • Close: near, almost equal

  • Comfort: soothe, console, reassure

  • Creature: anything that is created, whether animate or inanimate

  • Daily Prayers: daily prayers are those that can be prayed by anyone on any given day.​  By anyone, meaning, it is not specific to an individual's needs or wants.​  Any given day, meaning, that it can be prayed at any time and is not specific to any situation.  Refer to the PRAYERS page for more information

  • Deserve: worthy, qualified, have claim to

  • Destroy: to put an end to, extinguish, to defeat completely, to reduce to useless fragments

  • Diva: an oil lamp lit in a glass container filled with some water and oil.  Refer to the FAQ page for more information

  • Faith: confidence

  • Force: strength, energy, power

  • Get: receive

  • Go: start, work, to function

  • God Almighty Aman: God Almighty of All Mankind And New-religion

  • God's laws: laws given by God, which when followed, cause a rise in ones steps or levels, and when not followed, cause a fall in ones steps or levels.  Therefore our actions should always be righteous and selfless

  • God's orders: God's orders are directions/instructions given by God which need to be strictly followed without any  appeal, even though hardships may be felt by those who have to carry out those orders.  This happens in very rare and important situations

  • God's teachings: God's teachings are those which are expressed in the books of New-religion, which show us what God's laws and God's ways are, and how to follow them

  • God's wants: These are expectations that need to be fulfilled to get closer to God, and are not to be understood as  desires of God.

  • God's ways: God's ways are those which help us to get rid of all negativity around us so that we are helped not to do negative things and achieve things more positively so they support and help to enable us to follow God's laws

  • God's wishes: Wishes are directions given by God which can be appealed by angels to request some changes

  • Good: right, excellent, virtuous

  • Good evil souls: this means the evil soul that is good at being evil

  • Grow: develop naturally

  • Help: assist, support

  • Holy: belonging or devoted to God, divine, free from sin

  • Ignorant: unaware, lacking knowledge

  • Kingdom: realm, domain

  • Love: pure positive energy, pure good vibrations, help, charity

  • Messengers: priests of the New-religion

  • Miracle: result of an event happening by the intervention of heavens (God, archangels, angels)

  • Next: nearest

  • Only: uniquely; single in superiority or distinction; the best

  • Perfect: precise

  • Perjorap: a very nice place (e.g. as we normally say 'a heavenly place'); a good place to say prayers; a good place to be - this is not an English word 

  • Place of worship: wherever two or more people meet to share or discuss spiritual knowledge becomes the place of worship for that period of time

  • Plan: way of proceeding

  • Power: ability, capability, strength

  • Prayer: this also means, in some context in the books of New-religion, the person praying.  E.g. person painting is painter, similarly a person praying is called a prayer

  • Prepropran: means to help people on earth to start and get good ways of experiencing God's energies - this is not an English word 

  • Proper: correct

  • Prophets: high-priests of the New-religion

  • Realm: domain, in the New-religion realms refer to seven spiritual levels in the Spirit World

  • Religion: system of worship of God

  • Righteousness: means to perform an honest act, acting in an upright and virtuous way

  • Soul: a means to get good energies to God

  • Source: beginning, origin  

  • Strength: power, force

  • Worldly: ways of our world; of or relating to this world as contrasted with heaven, spiritual life, etc.

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