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Prayers relating to the Shift

Prayer for all to say on a good day of thanks giving when you all see the miracles of God on the occasion of the shift –

God please give good souls of earth a good place to be in where there is no fear of any evil or evil vibrations to reach and so that all can be in peace and do everything that is of Your order God and of Your wish only and God we would also like to be well protected in a way that if evil at all made any attempts to get any bad vibrations to us then there will be no effect on us at all.

Prayer for all to say when some of their belongings are lost or damaged in the shift –

God please protect us from any further loss of property or lives of our dear ones and of our loved ones – God we are protected by You and that is why we are able to say this prayer today so dear God if we deserve a good life that You have given us in the past then God please let us continue to be in the same position always and God please do make some allowance and protect us even more so that we are not insecure and don’t have any feelings of insecurity and that we are free of all doubts of Your doings and please give us all a good way of life for all the times to come.  


Prayer for all to say when the good destruction starts and this is to be said only when the destruction starts after good signs are given and after everyone is certain that these destructions are by the order of the lord –

God we are now witnessing the destruction of the evil of this world and God it is a good way because there cannot be any other way that is better than the one that is of Your order and God we are not sure if all the evil will be destroyed and we are not sure whether only the evil will be destroyed so God we ask for Your help now in our hour of need to destroy all the evil once and for all and that no one has to face this kind of situation again and God we also ask You to save all those who are good and also to ease all their tensions when such a destruction is taking place and God we are very certain that many were timed to end their part of serving their time on earth at this moment so God please welcome all good souls into Your kingdom with a great way of heavens so that they are very happy now and that they all are very pleased with the happenings.   


Prayer –

God please give all of us a good way of being together when the destruction starts – we are aware that this destruction is taking place because of Your order and God we are so very afraid of this and God this is the real time when we all can get a good strength from our friends and from our families and from our loved ones so God please keep us together at this hour and God please see that we are not separated and anyone left alone and anyone who will not have good support will find it very hard to exist and God I am afraid that that particular soul may be forced to run away from earth also and that soul may not know what has happened and may think that all are already in heavens and may make this soul feel left out and this soul may even think of ways of joining all the friends and relatives and may not know that this cannot be done by one’s choice and this may result in this soul not finding a good place in the good heavens so please help us all God.


Prayer –

God please give all the good people of the earth a good way of knowing very soon that the shift of God’s universe has already started and that all are in readiness now and that all the good forces have now joined together to remove all the evil from the face of this earth and God please all the ways of Yours are very hard for all of us to understand so God please make it easy for all of the good people of the earth to know what is happening and please let them be aware that it is all the part of Your doings and that destruction is the only way to get rid of the evil from the face of this earth and God if anyone thinks that the good are also getting destroyed then please let all get the thought that this not so and all the good are only going to return to heavens if their time on earth is served and if this is not so then they will be well protected and saved to pass the remaining part of their lives in peace and God please let all of us know and accept nothing that is done by Your order or Your wish can be anything that will be bad for the good people of the earth in whole of the universe and God please let all now be in peace forever as soon as all the evil is removed from earth and God please let all have the good memories of all the evil that exists now so that they fear the evil and not You my God and that all pray on daily basis to keep the evil far away from earth and God this could cause people to think of evil ways and also it could happen that some weak minds may get attracted to the evil ways in this process so God please destroy all the thoughts of all the people who get so distracted and please if this is necessary please recall them soon enough before they can start to practice any of the evil ways and so God please keep this earth free from all kinds of evil for all the time to come.


Prayer for all people to say when people from another good God’s universe come on earth to protect them –

Please help me good God Almighty now that good people from another good God’s helpers go and save the good people on earth.

(Pray this prayer now only when the shift of the axis is taking place on earth.)


Prayer for all people on earth to say for all people of this earth to help Aman to bring in the new good God’s good religion –

Please help all people on earth good God Almighty only to help all people of this good God’s earth to help each other so now good God good Aman goes and prays for all people of this planet only to help this place become a Perjorap so that now good God’s earth becomes a place of prayer good God Almighty so now please help good, good God Aman to pray for earth and pray for all the people of this earth to now only help each other so that good God’s prayers only go and get good God’s help to grow and become good God’s help so now only places of good God’s helpers on earth go get only good so now prayers for good people on earth have a good way of going and getting good sources of energy so now the only way of getting closer to You my good God Almighty is by praying so now only praying is the way of going and getting a good way of living on earth so that now only there is peace and prosperity on earth and all people of this earth need only good God’s prayers for good protection so now please introduce the new good religion through Your good new force of energy good God Almighty Aman now so that people of earth have a good and proper place of worshiping You my good God Almighty so that now all good people on earth go and get only good people in the heavens of Your new good, good universe so now the only way of going and doing good prayers is to follow the New-religion of the Aman.

(Pray only if good God has spoken after the shift.)


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