This site is entirely FREE of any costs.  This site means no disrespect to any religion and our intention is to share the books and messages received from the heavens with as many as possible.

This site along with all the books and all other content is copyrighted.  However, you may download any of the books and make copies for personal use only, provided you do not make any changes to what is originally there (including spelling or grammatical errors). Any material from the site or books may not be translated into any other language.

New-religion has been given to mankind by God Almighty, as most of the present religions have begun to lose their original messages.  Over time, the original scriptures have been translated and/or edited; changing or removing the scriptures' original thoughts.  Some scriptures have even been lost or partly destroyed.  New-religion provides a fresh start, while incorporating strategies to ensure that New-religion remains intact throughout the passage of time.

New-religion emphasises that the only thing God expects is that all mankind live in peace and harmony with all His creations, of which mankind is His greatest creation.  To achieve this, mankind must change their ways and remove all negativity that exists within.  This cannot be achieved by praying or by singing praises of God, but by leading a righteous life and being a good person.  So unless we change, no matter what religion we follow, or whether or not we accept God's existence, it is not going to be helpful to mankind or to please God.

The scriptures of New-religion have been handed down from the heavens through the three books of AMAN (All Mankind And New-religion; pronounced as aa-mun)         :

  1. Aman Of All The Religions

  2. The Good Rules For The Good Messengers Of God

  3. The Good Book For All The Prophets To Have


These three books are verbatim as received from God and His angels. These books, along with this site, are copyrighted but anyone may download them for free, on the condition that no changes will be made to any content.  (Note that in New-religion, the term “messengers” refers to priests and the term “prophets” refers to high-priests.)

The aim of any religion is to educate and impart knowledge of spirituality to help one get closer to God.  The word ‘spirituality’ means ‘something that concerns spirits’, that is, how we should think of and relate to spirits such as God, archangels, angels, demons, evil spirits etc.  To get closer to God, it is important to reach out to the good side only, of which God Almighty is the supreme authority. Taking help from God or someone from His kingdom, like archangels or angels, will always keep one on the right and good path.  Reaching out or taking help from other sources, like the universe, may actually deviate one from God’s path, as the universe is comprised of different types of cosmic spirits which include good, bad, evil, astral etc.

The only thing God expects is for mankind to live in peace and harmony with all His creations of which mankind is His greatest creation.  To live in peace and harmony, as God expects, all one needs is to follow God’s path, which is of righteousness, truthfulness, love, tolerance and respect.  Once an association with any particular religion occurs, one becomes institutionalised and follows the rules, regulations and traditions of that religion, therefore losing the ability to create one’s own spiritual journey.  At times many practices may not even be a part of that religion's original scripture of that particular religion.  People make material offerings to God without realizing that everything material is already His and that these offerings do not have any effect or play any role to get help from God or get closer to God.  Getting closer to God is an individual journey where each person needs to identify one's own weaknesses and create a path to resolve them. New-religion provides us with all the tools required to help us to get closer to God as an individual; not as a group.


As getting closer to God is an individual’s journey, all one needs to do is to make a promise to God to be good and to try one’s best to live in peace and harmony with all of His creations.  Unlike other religions, priests and/or ceremonies are not required to be inducted into New-religion.  Priests are there to help and guide people and to teach the tenets of New-religion. 


To live in peace and harmony, we need to begin by being righteous and by loving all those who love us and all those whom we live with.  Although all want peace, this is a hard task to achieve, so we will need the help of God and His angels to achieve this.

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