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This site is entirely FREE of any costs. This site means no disrespect to any religion and the intention is to share the books and messages received from the heavens.

New-religion is not a group activity but a journey to be taken by each individual to lead a good life. New-religion is given by God Almighty for all mankind (including agnostics and atheists). In its simplest form, New-religion’s message is that “the only thing God expects is that all of us live in peace and harmony with all His creations, of which mankind is His greatest creation”. To achieve this, we must change our ways and remove all negativity that exists within us. There is nothing else required to get closer to God and we cannot get close to God by praying or by singing praises of God, but by leading a righteous life and being a good person.

New-religion does not mention concepts like being rewarded or punished by God, nor is there any mention of paradise or hell. Still, the concept exists that good deeds takes one closer to God and bad ones take you further from Him. This works for all whether one accepts God’s existence or not; if you are good, you gain a good place in the Spirit World. The reverse is true if you do not. Also, there is no method or need to convert to or join New-religion. All you need to do is to give up bad habits and lead good and righteous life and you automatically become a follower of New-religion. The practice of New-religion does not require any places of worship like churches or temples. Any place where discussion of God or New-religion takes place, is regarded as a place of worship.


The scriptures of New-religion have been handed down from the heavens through three books of AMAN (All Mankind And New-religion; pronounced as aa-mun) : 

  1. Aman Of All The Religions

  2. The Good Rules For The Good Messengers Of God

  3. The Good Book For All The Prophets To Have


(Note that in New-religion, the term “messengers” refers to priests and the term “prophets” refers to high-priests. A "follower of New-religion" is called “a good person or a good person of the good earth”.)

Go to the INTRODUCTION tab to read more about what is new and different about New-religion.

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