Other books received from the heavens

The books listed below are compiled by some auto-writers and/or groups of auto-writers. These auto-writers have received messages and prayers from the good Spirit World which they want to share.  These books do not form a part of the set of AMAN books.


It is the wish of the heavens that all those who receive messages from the heavens do share them with others. This way more people can get access to more messages of the heavens. Different people receive messages from different groups of angels and sometimes the messages are expressed in different ways. Even though at times we may feel that the information is more or less similar, it may contain one or two thoughts that may be expressed in a different way which may help us to understand some ideas more clearly. Any information given by the angels is to the extent that God permits.


Those who receive messages/books from the heavens and want to publish them on this site can contact us.


  1. The Notes Of Heavens For All The Good People To Know

  2. The Good Book For All The Good People To Have

  3. The Good Book Of Good Messages Of Heavens - Group 1

  4. The Good Book Of Good Messages Of Heavens - Group 2

  5. The Good Book For All The Prophets To Follow

  6. Good People's Reference Book

  7. Motherhood - For Mothers-to-be

  8. Children's Spiritual Introduction

  9. The Good Book Of New Love

  10. The Good Book Of Working Of New Love